What is the Three Phase Electrolysis Rectifier?

Three phase rectifier, Electrolysis rectifier

It is absolutely true that the single phase rectifiers are used to supply power to domestic equipment but they might not be the right option for supplying power to the high-power and industrial applications. For such procedures, it is always a good deal to go for the Three phase rectifier. These rectifiers have the ability of taking the form of half-wave circuits and even full-wave circuits using center-tapped transformers. They can also be available in the form of full-wave bridge circuits.

Electrolysis rectifier

An Electrolysis rectifier is generally used in place of diodes for creating a circuit for regulating output voltage. Different devices that offer direct current generate three-phase AC.

Prior to the availability of solid state devices, the full-wave and the half-wave circuits using center-tapped transformers were quite commonly used in the industrial rectifiers that used mercury-arc valves. This was mainly because the 3 or 6 AC supply inputs could easily be fed to the corresponding number of anode electrodes on a single tank sharing the common cathode. With the introduction of thyristors and diodes, these circuits and their usage have become quite less and their popularity has also deteriorated. The three phase bridge circuits have become one of the most common circuits in these present times.

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