Convert AC ToDC Current With Advance Rectifier System

Rectifier Cabinet Manufacturing, Outdoor Rectifier Factory

The advance and high power rectifier system are designed using extensive research and under rigorous testing. Human Kori Convertors Co. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of advance rectifier system designed under strict quality control process.

Use of the Innovative Rectifier System

The Outdoor rectifier factory produces the electrical device which helps in conversion of the AC current into DC current. The unit allows flow of current unidirectionally and is designed using multiple components like semiconductor diodes, mercury arc valves, vacuum tube diodes etc.

  • The rectifier cabinet manufacturing companies provide the equipment for use across multiple industries like paper mill, chemical industry etc. for providing DC current.
  • The cabinet is a completely sealed unit. This extends the lifespan of the unit by preventing the entry of dust and corrosive gas.
  • It is equipped with elements that monitors air humidity, regulate water temperature or pressure, prevents water leakage and controls air flow.
  • The outdoor rectifier factory produces units that prevents overheating of the unit and has extended lifespan.

Controlled and Quality Tested Rectifier Units

It is important that the Rectifier cabinet manufacturing units are quality tested and have advance parameters to control temperature increase, check pressure, and ensure best performance. The rectifiers units with corrosion resistance have an increased life span.

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